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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

3 Ways To Optimize your Android Smartphone - Using Android Cleaner App

3 Ways to optimize your Android smartphone

Make your Android phone more powerful, useful, and efficient with these 13 quick tips

1- Clear your Cached Data (30 seconds)

Your apps are constantly caching small pieces of data, which typically will speed up the performance of your phone. But if your device is running low on storage, cached data will start hurting more than it helps. 

Here’s how to clear it out and start fresh.

How To Optimizer Android1. Navigate to Settings on your phone.

You can find settings in the app drawer.
How To Optimizer Android2. Tap Storage.
How To Optimizer Android3. Tap Cached data.
How To Optimizer Android4. Select OK.

2- Disable Animations (1 minute)

Animations make all of the transitions and interactions with your operating system appear more fluid  right up until your phone starts slowing down and those animations start looking like stop motion video. If the animations aren’t flowing so well anymore, turning them off completely will both look better and free up a little processing power.
How To Optimizer Android1. Navigate to Settings on your phone.You can find settings in the app drawer.
How To Optimizer Android2. Tap About phone.
How To Optimizer Android3. Tap the Build number 7 times.You will see a message that you have enabled Developer options.
How To Optimizer Android4. Return to Settings and Tap Developer options.
How To Optimizer Android5. Tap Windows animation scale and select “Animation off”.
How To Optimizer Android6. Repeat Step 5 with Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale.

Remove/Disable Bloatware and Unused Apps (1 minute)

Right out of the box, your Android phone probably had a number of apps pre-installed by your carrier or the phone manufacturer that have gone completely unused. It’s even more likely that over months or years, you’ve added some unused apps of your own that are still taking up precious space on your phone. If things are slowing down on your device, a lack of available storage might just be the culprit. Here’s how to free up space.
How To Optimizer Android1. Navigate to Settings on your phone. You can find settings in the app drawer.
How To Optimizer Android2. Tap Apps.
How To Optimizer Android3. Find an app you wish to uninstall and tap on it.Each app displays the amount of storage it is using below the app name so you’ll know how much you are freeing up.
How To Optimizer Android4. Tap Uninstall and select OK to confirm.
5. Repeat Step 4 as needed until all unwanted apps are removed.

Remove or Reduce Widgets (30 seconds)

Widgets are an amazing feature of the Android operating system that allow you to see and interact with apps on your homescreen without needing to actually launch the app. While they will save you time when your phone is quick and new, eventually they can drag the speed of your entire device down. It’s time to cut back or remove them entirely.
How To Optimizer Android1. Navigate to the widget you wish to remove.
How To Optimizer Android2. Long press on the widget. Remove and App Info will appear at the top of the screen.
How To Optimizer Android3. Drag the widget to Remove and release.

3- Use Smart Optimizer App (Simply One Touch To Optimize)

Smart Optimizer is a speed booster, Keep your phone clean, safe and fast, and let the battery life lasting longer using the best cached processes cleaner for your Android phones or tablet.! If your android device running slow you can easily speed up your android device with Smart Optimizer.

Smart Optimizer the only all-in-one speed booster, trash cleaner and app that optimizes your background apps, memory space, junk(cache) files and battery power. 

One-tap Boost: A single touch to speed up your devices and release memory.

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