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Friday, September 14, 2018

How to boost your mobile charging speed?

Charge your Mobile Battery With online App free

Then your battery doesn’t withdraw much power during the charging time and therefore it can charge very quickly. According to our tests, this will reduce your charging time by 20%-40% (depends on the device)

Android Fast Charging App

Fast Charger 4x is an ultimate tool, which can boost your battery charging speed by 30-60%. 

This app will automatically activate when you connect your phone to charger and it will boost your charging speed.

How Fast Charger 4x works?
When you connect your charger, Fast Charger 4x will detect it and limit the power consumption of your phone/tablet. 

Use original battery, charger & cable to get maximum quality result.

If you have any problems using the app, please contact us at email: We will contact with you and solve the difficulties as soon as possible.

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