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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

This is the future of Surveillance; Be prepared

We all have to worry about surveillance; even Mark Zuckerberg, who is running $350 billion company, covers his laptop camera as a precaution.
Future Surveillance
Here is how in future governments, organizations, corporations, terrorist groups and our personal enemies could observe our activities and access our information.

Role of Artificial Intelligence

According to the research, security cameras and other surveillance tools reduce crimes to certain extent but they do have drawbacks as well, these actions have negative effects on our freedom that is a fundamental right of every human being.

In future we will increasingly rely on Artificial intelligence, our devices will have enormous amount of data stored in them. We will rely on AI to make decisions. Algorithms are already being to identify terrorists and criminals by police and law and enforcement agencies. For this purpose they analyze social networks and other sources of media of communication.

Future Surveillance

Invisible Cameras

Today it is not a hard task to find a surveillance camera, they are open. Researchers are developing cameras that can hide. A company, AeroVironment is making a drone that looks like a small bird, it contain surveillance tools: camera, microphone etc.

Companies will have all of your information

Imagine, you enter in an office and before you say anything, the office staff knows your name, status and family information. This is nor far, it’s going to happen very soon. In US, Data firms are already collecting user’s information for their own use.

More spies in future

Unsecured webcams are big danger; hackers can use your webcam to spy on you. With more and more involvement of internet of things in our lives, our appliances and gadgets will monitor many aspects of our lives. Even there are companies that are developing brain chips to record human thoughts and brain activities, these chips are called “neural dust”.

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