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Friday, October 21, 2016

List of Weapons that are Banned from Modern Wars

President Abraham Lincoln was the first person who proposed change in laws of war, Lincoln witnessed the time of Napoleonic Wars, he was horrified by the destruction and loss inflicted by wars.

He was largely focused on introducing new laws that could limit warfare and its effects on soldiers and civilians. Finally, in 1863, he issued the set of instructions for all armies of the United States.

The code covered all major issues: Treatment with women, prisoners of war and captured people; that code was made by keeping all human values under consideration.

Despite those 150 years old control treaties, many powerful countries still invent and use banned weapons.

Here is the list of weapons that are still banned from warfare as a part of international law introduced by United Nations:

Land Mines

Land mines are also banned, it includes fixing and deploying an explosive material in hidden mines to harm the personnel of anti group.
Banned Weapon

Biological weapons
Banned Weapon

This whole class of weapons is banned, the ban was implemented after the agreement of 1972, there will have no production, supplying or using of biological weapons at all, the agreement describes. Biological weapons are extremely dangerous.  They are some of the oldest known weapons of large-scale destruction.

Poisoned Bullets
Banned Weapon
The ban on poisoned bullets came under an agreement between Roman Empire and France. Poisonous bullets are infectious, even if a soldier survives the attack, the poison remains in his body. It could be fatal if not treated properly.

Blinding Laser Weapons

These kinds of weapons emit a laser that causes permanent blindness. They are included in banned category.
Blinding Laser Weapon

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