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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Google and Facebook team up on a direct connection to Asia

Hong Kong is the new target for Facebook and Google, both are trying to provide a good and fast connection to Hong Kong.

As from the Today’s Announcement, Pacific Light Data Communications Company and TE SubCom have been summed up the two greatest internet giants in order to design a new and first direct underwater connection between Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

Facebook and Google

This project will be completed in 2018 and after this, the companies will be able to provide 12,800 km Pacific Light Cable Network will shuttle 120 TBs of data per second between the cities and will expand the reach of each company in Asia.

Brian Quigley, Google’s Director of Networking Infrastructure, has explained in the blog post that the data capacity will break out all previous transfer record of Pacific record holder, which is previously held by Google-backed fiber cable and will give PLCN enough capacity to provide HD video calls to 80 million people in the both cities at the same time.

It will also introduce cloud platform to google, cloud platform provides services like Spotify and Part of iCloud, which is the largest network bone of any cloud provider.

The new cable will produce speed in the responsiveness in Google’s suite app and this faster connection will help them enter in the more developing countries.

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