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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Samsung urges Galaxy Note 7 users to exchange phone urgently

Samsung has urged its customers of Galaxy Note 7 to stop using or exchanging device because of the risk of exploding.

Galaxy Note 7 Exploding

Warning Smartphone Galaxy Note 7 Exploding

Samsung recalled 2.5 million phones last week after the reports of exploding during or after charging received, reported BBC

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Airline passengers were warned by United State authorities not to use or charge the phones while on plane.

Samsung said it would replace all devices that were handed in starting from 19th of September.

A statement by Samsung, the world’s biggest mobile phone maker, said “our customers’ safety is an absolute priority”.

Galaxy Note 7 ExplodingSamsung Note 7

Samsung Note 7

“Until a replacement device is provided, Samsung asks all customers with a Galaxy Note 7 smartphone to power down your device and return it to its place of purchase at your earliest opportunity.”

Earlier Today, aviation authorities in UAE banned the use of devices on Emirates and Etihad airlines due to the risk of exploding.

Similar ban has already been put in Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia, Qantas. The US Federal Aviation Administration also advised against packing the phone.

US TV channel Fox 10 reported claims that a faulty Galaxy Note 7 had set fire to a family’s Jeep.

Samsung said the battery problem were behind the phones catching fire, but it was difficult to work out which phones were affected among those which are sold. Galaxy Note 7 was launched last month.

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