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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 7 with iris scanning technology

Samsung’s Latest Galaxy Note 7 is one of the first smartphones which will ship along with Iris Scanner that can read eyes and let you into your phone in seconds.

First ever Phablet was launched back in 2011 named as Galaxy Note, Samsung Skipped the Note 6 and bringing Note 7 in line.

Galaxy Note 7 Scanning

An infrared transmitter and receiver for iris scanning join the front-facing selfie camera at the top of the Galaxy Note 7. Photograph: Guardian

The new note has premium design and somehow similar to Galaxy S7 Edge with a fit and well finished.

Note 7’s biggest feature is new biometric security option Iris Scanning that takes seconds to setup and unlocks phone. It also has Fingerprint scanner which is also way faster than other methods of Unlocking.

Galaxy Note 7 with Iris

Galaxy Note 7 Specifications

The Note 7 has specifications similar to the one which Galaxy S7 Edge has, including IP68 waterproofing to the depth of 1.5m for 30 minutes, a 12MP rear camera, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of Storage with MicroSD Card Slot to add more.

The Galaxy Note 7 is the first Samsung smartphone to use the new USB-C connector. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian

Note 7 has 5.7inch quad HD Screen, USB-C and integrated S-pen Stylus which is water proof and it will work even screen is wet, Samsung made this phablet ready for a new high dynamic range video standard which is rolling across high-end TV’s and it is supported by Prime Video Service.

The Galaxy Note 7’s curved screen edges make it one of the narrowest phones with a 5.7in screen, which means it is a lot easier to hold. Photograph: Guardian

Galaxy Note 7 Features

Korean Company also made changes into Note 7’s Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow including the ability to turn video into gifs directly from the screen and many other styling tools including the phablets ability to write on the smartphone screen in sleep mode without having its wakeup.

The S-Pen stylus has 4,096 pressure sensitivity levels and is now waterproof, working on the screen even when wet – a development that took Samsung three years to perfect. Photograph: Guardian

Note 7 has USB-C port requires a new version of company’s Gear VR headset. Samsung said that it has more than 1 million users of various incarnations of its Gear VR headset, with 500,000 sold in Europe which makes it best selling VR Gear Headset.

The Galaxy Note 7 shares the refined curved front and back edges of the Galaxy S7 Edge, which makes it feel premium and ergonomic in the hand. Photograph: Guardian
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Release Date:

The Galaxy Note 7 will be available in the UK on 2 September and expected a release date in Pakistan in later 15th of September.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Price:

Price is not unveiled yet it will updated as soon as we hear any update from company.

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