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Saturday, September 3, 2016

How to Download iOS 10 Public Beta Right Now

The public beta for latest version of iOS is now available to download, download iOS 10 public beta, if you’re feeling wild. After all, this is still beta software and not the finished product that will be available in September. But iOS has some great features mentioned below.
iOS 10 Public Beta

To Download iOS 10 public beta, you need to enroll in Apple beta program with your Apple ID here, and Apple will send you an email including details for installation. Then you will have to download the configuration profile.

Once Done, the most important step is to make backup of your iOS device using iTunes so that in case of mishap or error your data remain safe and protected.

Developer preview works fine without any issue but there are weirder thing which happen, you know that this happen in beta version because there is a lot needed to fix.

According to company, users having iOS devices running on iOS 8.1.3 and above will automatically receive update over the air, all you have to do is wait through the slow process of updation, and you are Welcome to iOS 10.

Here are a few guides to get you started with iOS 10.

Features of iOS 10:
A much better lockscreen
Siri is finally open to developers
Quick Typing is less ridiculous
Photos gets drunk on AI
Apple is still trying to make Maps useful
Apple Music gets a complete makeover
You might actually like Apple News now
HomeKit now has an app called “Home”
Putting the Phone back in iPhone
iMessages gets cutesy
10 Hidden Features of iOS 10:

That might not be enough for a casual user, but avid fans are understandably going to have a hard time waiting for September to check out all of the new features on display in iOS 10.

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