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Friday, September 14, 2018

Google is testing a new feature for its Play Store Application

Google is testing a new feature for its Play Store app that will allow users to line up downloads until a Wi-Fi connection is accessible, saving them any extra data usage charges.

Play Store New Features

Mobile data is a precious source and for many people, overusing data indicates being reduced to either restricted speeds or crazy fees. Google desires to improve change that and is exploring with a new feature that will let you buy for new apps without using up any mobile data.

The feature will permit you to line up apps to download over Wi-Fi once you finally get to a connection, helping save data without making you forget about that app you wanted.

The feature is now only dispensing up for a few users and it does not appear like there is any mean you can trigger it yourself, so if you are not perceiving it now, you will have to wait. The choice to queue for Wi-Fi download emerges in the design of a new dialog box that emerges when you try to download anything from the Google Play Store over mobile data.

Presently, the Play Store only allows you download huge apps over Wi-Fi, nevertheless, now you can pause for Wi-Fi for any download. The Play Store also informs users that the feature is yet in testing and that if Google eliminates the feature after testing, lined apps could download over mobile data.

Play Store Features

It may be a tiny pinch but the feature could be helpful for a lot of people, mainly for those who live in places where mobile data is not as affordable as it is in the U.S. Still, you can continually save money by lowering down on mobile data and this feature could help make that a bit easier.

Google, gradually but definitely, has been modernizing its Play Store to help it prevail relevantly. For example, it newly added the capability to share content with up to six people through Play Family Library.

Overall, the changes Google is testing are welcome. Top Features will better assist Android users by prominently displaying what functions an app contains, and the new review process is easier on the eyes. The adjustments are currently only available to a select few on the Play Store app.

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