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Saturday, September 3, 2016

10 Android Nougat features worth checking

Google announced its new mobile operating system first it was known as Android N and than name is changed by users opinions to Android Nougat. Here are 10 Android Nougat features you can expect.

1. Better UI and Notifications
The most obvious enhancement to Android Nougat is its tweaked UI. Nowhere is this more apparent than in its notification menu.
Android 7.0 Better UI And Notifications

You now get instant control toggles when you swipe down from the top of the screen, so you’ll be able to activate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more much quicker. It is most among Android Nougat features.

2. Google Assistant2. Google Assistant
Android N Google Assistant2. Google Assistant

The new Assistant will give a more natural tone to dialogue with the device as compared to its predecessor Google Now. The app allows users to use voice commands to perform tasks such as opening a new app, writing a message and making dinner reservations.

3. Quick Switch and Multi-Window

Android has long been excellent at handling multitasking, but it’s set to get even better. Quick Switch will enable you to instantly switch to your last app used by double tapping the Recent button.
Android 7.0 Quick Switch and Multi-Window

Google is bringing its own multi-window feature to Android Nougat through the Recent menu. Simply press the Recent button from within an app and you’ll be able to select a second app to open alongside it, in a split-screen view.

4. Picture in Picture
Android 7 Picture in Picture

This one’s aimed more at Android TV users than mobile or tablet users, but Android Nougat supports the ability to watch video in a pinned window in the corner of the screen while another activity runs in the background.

5. Reply in a notification
Android 7.0 Reply in a notification

The new option of replying directly from notifications has been adopted from Android Wear devices. Users now don’t have to close an application to reply to a text. They can simply reply by opening a message.

6. Vulkan API Support

Android Nougat will adopt Vulkan API support, which should improve the quality of gaming, VR, and other graphically intensive apps considerably on mobile.

7. Doze on the Go
Android N Doze on the Go

Doze on the Go is a new feature that allows Android devices to enter a battery saving mode and pause all background applications, even when the phone is in motion.

8. Daydream VR

Android Nougat will be the OS where Google fully unleashes its VR plans. What, you thought that started and ended with Cardboard?
Android 7.0 Daydream VR Android 7.0 Daydream VR

Meet Daydream. Daydream is Google’s new VR platform a set of VR headset and controller hardware standards allied to an Android Nougat-based UI that aims to make discovering and consuming VR content much easier and smoother. Ultra-low 20ms latency should make for a much slicker mobile VR experience than we’ve seen before.

9. Night Mode
Android N New Night Mode

A sigh of relief for those of us who are addicted to using our phones at night. Night Mode allows the screen to adapt to external light conditions and reduce the strain on the users eyes by emitting a yellow light instead of the bright blue associated with smartphone screens.

10. Allo and Duo
Android 7 Allo and Duo

In spite of all the tweaks and enhancements to Android Nougat, two of the most notable additions will be the standalone Allo and Duo apps.

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