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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Concept iPhone 7 Plus with dual camera system!

Here submitted the fresh concept of the upcoming Apple iPhone smartphone. Although the author does not have model of the device, I call it iPhone 7 Plus, as it has a main camera with dual lens, that corresponds to the latest rumors.
iPhone 7 New Model

Update: Has the iPhone 7's release date been hiding in plain sight? Will it have a 1080p screen? Is Apple making special headphones for it? Will it really be waterproof? Will it come in blue as well? And has the first proper chassis look been leaked?

Want to know the iPhone 7 release date or all the incoming features? You've come to the right place. It could be a big change this year, as the iPhone 6S is underwhelming because it doesn't bring anything amazing aside from fancy new 3D Touch technology.

But Apple always goes bigger on the non-S variants (think about the big jumps the iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 brought) so we're hoping for big changes both in and out.

We've collected all the latest from around the web, sifted through the likelihood of each rumor and given you our expert take on what to expect from Apple's launch - so read on to find the authoritative take on your possible next phone.

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iPhone upcoming

Plastic cutouts for antennas have been moved to the upper and lower side of the casing. Camera acts a little from his the casing. By the way, with right of the lens there is a large outbreak.
“Home” button with fingerprint reader has a new structure. Perhaps now her touch coating recognizes a number of convenient gestures, for example, to navigate through the phone’s menu. The main camera has one large and one small unit, but in fact it may be only an optical illusion. The general format has virtually no differences from the current iPhone 6S Plus. Will new versions of body colors.

A traditional September launch date

Apple typically reveals the new iPhone in September at a big event, and although rumors always pop up that it’ll arrive earlier or later, the new iPhone usually comes out right on schedule every fall.

The latest speculation from Apple fanatic John Gruber and Mark Gurman from Bloomberg is that Apple will hold an event on September 7 to launch the iPhone 7. Earlier on, noted leaker Evan Blass, better known as @evleaks, tweeted on July 28 that Apple would kick off pre-orders for the iPhone 7 on September 9.

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