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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

PhytlSigns – an innovative device for plants in future

Humans can not do without communication. Without contact with each other, we simply are not able to function normally, whether verbal or the sign language dialogue. And what about nature? There are many examples of how animals communicate with each other, but what happens to the plants? We do not own supernormal abilities,that can allow us to talk to the plants, but thanks to technology, we can now see,that our house plant wants to tell us.

And unlike any other plant monitor, Phytl Signs EXPLORER tracks what the plant itself is doing, not the environment around it.

Plants emit tiny electrical signals, in response to their environment, and our innovative new device amplifies these signals, so that you can hear and see them.

Is your plant thriving or is it stressed? Is it active or quiet? Are pests damaging your plants? Through their electrical signals plants show how they are responding to their environment. With Phytl Signs EXPLORER you’re getting to know your plant’s signals.

PhytlSigns – an innovative and unique item wearable technology, created specifically for plants. The device keeps track of, what says plant,and not just watching the temperature of the air or the soil, as they do other devices for plants.. As work PhytlSigns? Very simple – strengthening the electrical signals, which plants use for the so-called dialogue, we can hear them for the first time. And hear literally, thanks to the dynamics of which is attached to the device, and through the tongue of electrical signals can be understood how the plant reacts to the environment.

Technical specialist, which is engaged in the production PhytlSigns, said that by analyzing the signals received from the plant, we can understand all of what they want to tell us. Flower suffers from insects? He needs water? On all these questions will be a concrete answer. Understanding that nature speaks, important for everyone. And in general, a good addition to the house, is not it?

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