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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Get Payoneer Free Debit Card and $25 Bonus

If you are Freelancer, Mobile Apps Developer, Web Master or working with different online companies than Payoneer Master Card is best payment option to receive payment from many companies like Odesk, Amazon, ClickBank, PayPal and many more. No problem if you are simple individual Payoneer still help you to do online shopping securely, travel around the world and swap your Payoneer Master card in local stores or withdraw money from any ATM worldwide. Currently if your order Payoneer card from my blog you will get $25  bonus free from Payoneer on receiving your first 100 USD payment from any company.

Apply for payoneer master card

Benefits of Payoneer Prepaid Master Card
Well you may be thinking why you need to have a Payoneer card if you already have Skrill, PayPal and Payza accounts. Like If you get paid to Skrill it means you will be charged fee two times, Once you will receive payment in your Payment processor account and than withdraw fee when you will move money to your bank account. So Payoneer will help to

Payoneer Debit Card Received Payoneer Debit Card

Save Time to get your Money in pocket
Best and easy way for freelancer
More Easy way to withdraw money from online
Reduce Fee for payment withdrawals
Provide extra payment option to your clients
Do online shopping or swap card on local stores

Money always with you, withdraw on ATM

Order Your Free Payoneer Card and Get $25 Bonus

FAQ About Payoneer Master Card

Q1: Is there is any Fee for the card or shipping cost ?

A: Card and shipping is free to all over the world but there will be $29 activation fee later on when ever you will have money in card.

Q2: How and when I will receive $25 bonus ?

A: You ordered card because you need it, right ? So you will get bonus of $25 when you will start using your card and will receive at least $100 in card from any company in one payment or may be a sum of some payment equal to $100.

Q3: In how much days I will get card ?

A: Mostly card will reach your door step in 15-30 working days if your address is correct. If you don’t receive card in this time you need to contact your nearest post office. You can also recheck your address and can contact payoneer to send card again, in case you don’t receive it.

Q4: At which bank’s ATM I can withdraw money ?

A: In Pakistan you can withdraw money from Payoneer from SCB ATM or MCB bank ATM. For rest of the world you can use payoneer on ATM where Master Card is accepted.

Q5: As I have money in Dollars in my card, so I will get dollars or local Currency from ATM?

A: You will get money in local currency, Dollars will automatically converted to local currency of your country.

If you have any question feel free to ask in comment section and don’t send SMS or Call on my mobile for Questions. Don’t be selfish, Share this great offer with your friends

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