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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Few Best Ways to Earn Money From Crowd working Microworkers

short task make money

Fixed Cost / Price

These platforms only connect the client with the worker. There are easy tools to built such a platform and, as a result, there are many.

Fiverr – The world’s largest marketplace for small services, starting at $5.

Fourerr – An online marketplace where people buy and sell all sorts of services and goods for $4.

Gigbucks – Gigbucks is a marketplace for freelancers and people who want to buy or sell quality services at low prices, from $5 to $50.

GigMe5 – Share things you are willing to do or need done for $5. Funny and bizarre, social marketing, graphics, advertising, technology, business and more.

TenBux – Where the bargains and the buyers meet. Small services from $5 to $10.

Tenrr – A completely free micro job website members can post jobs gigs that cost up to $10.

TwentyVille – The marketplace for $10 and $20 jobs.


Platforms like Mechanical Turk. Many workers do simple tasks for a small amount of money. Often tasks get done more than once and the result given by most people, is taken as valid.

99 Designs – The 1 marketplace for graphic design, including logo design, web design and other design contests.

Amazon Mechanical Turk – The online market place for work. We give businesses and developers access to an on demand scalable workforce.

ClickWorker – Utilizes the knowledge of the crowd to engage the know-how and labor of hundred thousands of clickworkers who assist in the fast and efficient processing of projects for your company.

MobilWorks – Crowdsourcing platform. Cloud labor from the leader in crowdsourcing solutions for developers, enterprise, and governments.

MircoTask – Focuses on document processing and data entry.

MyKindaCrowd – You can get rewarded for your ideas or post challenges that you need solutions to.

SamSource – Content moderation, digitization, data entry, online contect and transcription services.

ShortTask – Connects online job seekers with providers. Tasks include research, data entry, writing and design.

Easy Earn Money

Tasks & ‘Grayhat’ stuff
Some of these platforms list tasks targeted towards ‘grayhat’.

DeskLancer – Crowdsourcing for small business.

JobBoy – You can be either an employer or a worker. As an employer you can create campaigns (jobs), that workers will complete and submit proofs, so you can confirm they’ve done it. As a worker you can complete jobs and submit your proofs of job done, and make money!

MicroWorkers – Microworkers is an innovative, international online platform that connects employers and workers from around the world.

MiniFreelance – Allows you to get your petty online works such as Likes, joining your forums and comment done with the help of many online workers.

MiniJobz – Join and post a project, get any job done quickly and professionally.

RapidWorkers – Helps individuals, small businesses and professionals to create low cost publicity and marketing campaigns to increase sales, better ranking, backlinks and much more.

SimpleWorkers – Same as Fiverr but with no fixed pricing.

Expertise & Knowledge exchange

One or more persons use their expertise to fulfill tasks.

10EQS – Knowledge exchange (they structure the problem and have their own experts).

BoostCTR – Performance driven ad optimization for search and social.

eClerx – Sales and marketing services, financial services. Knowledge Process Outsourcing partner for trade support and validation, settlements and clearing, asset servicing, risk management and reconciliation, metrics and reporting, expense management, or special projects.

G2L – Risk management service.

StarMind – Gives organizations real-time access to their internal expertise from any location and also reduces the dependency on external resources.

TaskUs – Outsourcing service.

Trada – You have access to a community of paid search experts who do the daily work of campaign setup, buildout, research and optimization. You remain in complete control of your campaign with visibility into all of the work the ex

Offline Tasks

Services that are built around offline tasks. From grocery shopping to repairing windows. Sometimes also online tasks.

AgentAnything – Agent Anything is essentially the eBay of services People can post any service task, errand, research, etc they need accomplished as well as the price they are willing to pay, and college students can perform these services to get paid.

GigWalk – A mobile work marketplace connecting businesses to their own smartphone army so they can get work done anywhere.

TaskRabbit – Your own personal assistants for cleaning your home, delivering groceries, running errands, building IKEA furniture and much more.


Services specialized for translating.

Gengo – 6,000 pre-tested translators across 45 different language pairs.

Lingotek – Provides web based automated language translation tools designed to meet the requirements of organizations challenged with communicating, interacting, and commercializing a global audience.

OneHourTranslation – Professional translation company dealing with everything from document translation, medical translation to regular language translation services.

Smartling – Powerful translation management for websites and mobile apps.

Tolingo – The online translation agency provides fast translation in many languages and subjects.

Reviews and Opinions

Epinions – Unbiased reviews by real people.

ReviewMe – ReviewMe’s marketplace of web authors will review your product or service on their Web site sending your site traffic, viral buzz, and invaluable feedback.

ReviewStream – Write reviews and get paid.

SoftwareJudge – If you have strong opinions about software, whether positive or negative, and want to get paid for your reviews, here’s the right place.

uTest – The world s largest marketplace for software testing services. 70,000 QA professionals from more than 190 countries.


Atizo – The virtual brainstorming platform with thousands of creative thinkers. German idea crowdsourcing site.

CastingWords – Quick, high quality, audio transcription service, just upload your file and go.

Copify – Order quick, quality, cost effective copywriting from hundreds of approved UK copywriters.

CrowdEngineering – Enterprise crowdsourcing solution with integrated community management.

Cumulusiq – Knowledge as a Service (KaaS) is an on-demand, bite-sized, where-needed approach to skill acquisition. SAP Integration.

IMageBrief – The smart alternative to photo libraries for image buyers and professional photographers. Get the right image on time, on budget without searching.

Innocentive – Help customers to develop ideas and solve important problems by broadcasting them via the internet.

Kaggle – A platform for data prediction competitions. Companies, organizations and researchers post their data and have it scrutinized by the world s best statisticians.

Little-Favours – Facebook App, do someone a favour and earn a little money. Ask the community for a favour and offer some money in return.

mCent – Free airtime for your opinions.

PopTent – Build your video business via video contests. Video assignments for independent filmmakers.

ResearchGate – A network dedicated to science and research. Connect, collaborate and discover scientific publications, jobs and conferences.

SpeechPad – Guaranteed quality transcription services at a low cost. Easy to use with fast turn around time.

World4Brains – Crowd-consulting. Global consulting and innovation think tank.

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