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Friday, February 26, 2016

How To Use Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser Features

Again welcome you inside the tips tricks for computer and software's. As previously I have shared an article for how to browse multi-webpages in a single tab of internet browser hope my entire visitors liked and shared that trick for friends. Now I want to increase the list of Tips with few tricks for new Mozilla FireFox Users. In my previous articles I have also inform you that Mozilla Firefox is the browser which is mostly used in over all the world and liked by every internet user so I have decided to share few very important features and tips for this internet browser such as changing theme, browsing history, manage or installation of add-ons etc. for gaining better experience while using Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox Tips Tricks and Features.
There is so many different tips tricks and features of Mozilla Firefox, but I will share here few very important tips for the new users of Mozilla. 

Check below step by step guides.

How to Install or delete Add-ons in Mozilla Firefox Browser.

May be you have seen, while visiting some website, such add-ons in the shape of Toolbar, Search Engines, weather forecast is installed by those websites. But if you don’t know how to delete those unwanted toolbar or some video players extension check the above screenshot to deleted unwanted add-ons from Mozilla Firefox browser.

Go to Tools >> Add-ons >>
Firefox tools add-ons

In the given below screen shot I have highlighted two sections of Extension and Plugins these both directory save the above mentioned data such as Toolbar, Video Player Extensions.

Firefox Add-ons
Mozilla Firefox Add-ons
A big part of what makes Firefox so special to power users is its extensibility with extensions, add-ons, plug-ins and themes, and Firefox 3's Add-ons dialog got the attention it deserved. The Fox's Add-ons menu is more robust and intuitive on at least two fronts. You can search and install extensions and themes right from the pop-up box, no browsing required. Also, a new plug-in manager lets you enable and disable third-party helpers like Flash, QuickTime, and anything else that makes content work (and causes you grief).

Mozilla tweaked and updated a whole lot of little things here and there throughout Firefox 3, which amounts to a big overall boost in usability. Most noticeably when you first switch, the Back button only appears on the address bar if there is a page to go back to, and when it does, it's bigger and easier to click. Users who want to make sites with small text more readable permanently are in luck; Firefox 3 can increase the size of images and text, or just the text, on hard-to-read sites. In addition, Firefox 3 applies favicons more consistently to bookmarks, you can click a site's favicon to get extended site identification information, you can resize the search box to hold more than two words, and the find-on-page search box automatically grabs the currently selected word, just to name a few new UI improvements.

In the long term, once webapps catch up, Firefox 3 will let you do really neat stuff in your browser, like register your favorite webapps to open certain file types, and access your online data even when you're not connected to the 'net. To get a taste, see how you can configure Firefox 3 to launch Gmail for mailto links.

Firefox Browser

Check below screenshot for managing unwanted plugins in Mozilla browser to activate or deactivate the plugin.

Firefox Extensions Tools
If you want to add or remove any toolbar or other addon installed in your browser check the given below screenshot.
New Add-ons Mozilla
Hope you have understand the complete guide for managing plugins and extension/addons for mozilla firefox also in the above screenshot I have highlighted Get Addons it will be informed you below.
Mozilla Plugins
How to Change Theme of Mozilla Firefox Browser
Same as windows, mobile phone or other application, Mozilla Firefox has also an option to change its layout colours and theme. Open your Mozilla Firefox Browser >> Go to Tools >> Addons

Now to go to Get Addon Section here I have just highlighted the theme tab but you can also find the new add-ons for your Mozilla Firefox. Such as if you want any proxy addon just search it from search bar.
Browser Add-ons
(Clear Browsing History on Every Close)
This method I have shared because of security, as I am Blogger and also use and update my Blog from office so I have to always access admin pages from my office so what happened if the same time electricity off??  So I have trick to avoid for someone access your browsing history. Check the given below steps.
Firefox browser history
(Stronger phishing and malware protection)
Firefox 3 has stronger filters and protection against malware, phishing sites, cookies, and other tools that compromise privacy and security. A malware warning shows up when you visit sites known to install malicious software, Firefox 3 doesn't show the content of knock-off sites (like PayPal "Update Your Account" phishing scams) by default, and Firefox 3 checks against Google's ever-growing blacklist of phishing sites. Now you can feel even better switching your less tech-aware relatives over to the open-source browser.
Mozilla Antispammer
(Streamlined "Remember password" handling) 
No more guessing whether you're saving the right password or clicking "Cancel" on unnecessary pop-up requests. Gran Paradiso only asks you to utilize its password-saving function once you're already in and sure everything worked, and it won't block you from seeing the logged-out version of a page if you don't want to sign in.
Firefox Sign in to yahoo
As you can tell, we're completely geeked out about the upcoming Firefox 3 release.

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