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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Apple Wants Apps To Support 3D Touch in Feature

It sounds like a gimmick, honestly, but the truth is it's not. When you use it, you quickly realize that there's a logic behind what 3D Touch does in Apple's apps. So what can 3D Touch do and what's the logic behind it? Well!

Now what?
It's not just Apple's native apps that will work with 3D Touch; today a bunch of third-party app makers started rolling out updated versions of their apps that support the feature as well. Below is a list of apps you can reliably use with 3D Touch. Keep in mind, these aren't the best apps, parse- it's too soon to tell which ones are actually the most useful. But these will give you an idea of how app makers are thinking about using 3D Touch.
You have to press on the app on the home screen.

Apple does have some other random things you can do with 3D Touch. If you use some pressure when you swipe in from the left of the screen, it'll jump you into the multitasking view. I don't know if that's really any better than just double-clicking the home button, but it's there if you want it.

The keyboard has a neat 3D Touch feature, too: press hard on it and the keyboard will gray-out and turn into a trackpad, so you can quickly and accurately place the cursor where you want it.

The main thing to keep in mind is that Apple's own apps mostly use 3D Touch for getting a little preview of the next thing you want to do. So if you're on the home screen, hard press on an icon to get a few shortcuts directly into a section of the app — like taking a selfie from the camera or calling one of your favorite contacts.

This "preview what's next" idea really comes into its own inside Apple's apps: Mail, Messages, Safari, etc. In those apps, Apple's got a couple more marketing terms to learn: "peek" and "pop." The basic idea is this, you can hard-press on an email or link or address or anything else the iPhone understands to get a "peek" window. It's a small preview of the thing being linked, whether it's a web page or the email you want to peek at from your inbox. 

Whatever the reason, it's a shame although not all that surprising to see Apple playing a cautious game with 3D Touch implementation. If you're thinking about a creative use for it, you may want to double check with the powers-that-be at Cupertino before investing too much time and effort into it. 

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